Sustainable Social Development

Sustainable Social Development

The objective of the sustainable social development will be to ensure gender equality, improve the quality of and access to health care services, create a healthy, safe living environment for the citizens, improve public awareness on health education, provide equal education of high quality to every citizen, build a national system for lifelong education, and all forms of poverty, and increase the share of middle-income classes sustainably and consistently.

The Principle for achieving the sustainable social development through the Crew Ship Industry employment proposal is as follows:

  • Human development is the core measure for development
  • Ensuring equal participation of the working age population in the labor markets, and keeping the employment rate as high as possible
  • Introducing a labor market system that values Mongolian workers labor based on productivity
  • Ensuring gender equality in social development and creating a pleasant environment for their equal participation
  • Creating economic and legal environment for the poor to have a permanent source of income, while reducing the Mongolian poverty rate with other agencies to 18 percent
  • Providing vocational training for the poor and vulnerable populations, improving the system for advancing their work skills
  • Increasing the availability and accessibility of jobs
  • Supporting employment, training the younger generation with proper knowledge and skills to have a decent work and run a credible business, and reducing the unemployment rate.

Erena Solutions partners are already involved with the deployment of people to International Cruise Lines, Aviation and Hospitality Industries.  This is not new to us but rather a well-trodden path.  Our unique difference is not what we are doing but rather the way we are using an existing channel to better help those less privileged for whom such an opportunity is simply not available.

The benefits of our joint projects are as follows:

  • The money earned by the workers placed by us, goes directly to those who need it
  • The beneficiaries of the funds supported by Erena Solutions and III, benefit from:
    • Improved income for life
    • Improved professional skills and experience
    • Improved opportunity to achieve more in life, and
    • Improved personal development and life skills.

Their families and in turn their communities of the benefit directly from the candidates over short and long term. The partnership we are seeking with partners to implement this project in Mongolia would be able to directly show the linkage between our efforts and the SDG’s especially on employment, skills and knowledge and science and technology as shown below in the log-frame.

Inputs —> Funding and Organizational Processes (Implementation Roles and Responsibilities)

Activities —> selection of candidates, training them in English and technical English, training them in soft-skills, testing them on occupational standards, placing successful candidates with cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and aircraft maintenance companies

Outputs —> selected candidates are trained, placed with employers, and supported for compliance with employment laws and wages

Outcomes —> gainful employment of candidates in high wage jobs globally and in Mongolia

Impacts —> decline in youth unemployment, increase in better wage employment, better skilled worked in terms of knowledge and technology, improving human development, income growth of communities contributing to the Mongolian SDG’s and the UNSDG’s in general (SDG’s 1,2,8,10, on the People and Prosperity cluster of the SDG’s)