Portraits of Change Mongolia

A component of the Portraits of Change project is a feature length documentary, detailing the ten profound cases of moral fibre. As part of the research process for the book, a cameraman and photographer accompanied the team to the various regions in Mongolia, illustrating the true essence of the Mongolian survival instinct. To realize the ideas conceived by the team, they brought many strands of thread together-to portray Mongolia’s history, especially the time of tumultuous change during the transition from socialism to a market economy. To document this, the crew interviewed individuals and their families as a testament to these changes. The aim was to underpin the country’s history, geography, the family’s background, and their chosen livelihoods—and ultimately the story of their success. Crucial to success is how the families learnt for themselves how to run a thriving business utilising natural elements and working to overcome geographical challenges and isolation. The documentary retells each story, highlighting the struggle and perseverance each family endured to get to where there are today.